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Out of experience we have come to the conclusion that in order to create a successful web site we have to cover the following steps together with the client: choosing a relevant name of the web sector, its reservation, creating the content and communication concept, adapting it to the internet specific environment, hosting on performance servers, data monitoring and analysis, continuous improvement based on the feed-back obtained.

Relevant Names. Sector name is not necessary to be the company?s or the product?s name, it must have sonority in the search for potential clients.

Sector reservation. The name we choose must be available at that time, and once the confirmation is received, it must be reserved.

The perfect site at the perfect place. Choosing the driver the sector is going to be submitted in (.ro, .com, .biz, .net, .info, .tv... etc) is better made in conformity with the site?s content in order to give more relevancy while searching.

Creation of content and communication concept. At this stage of the project our specialists will help you structure the information and present it in a graphical manner easy to comprehend.

Adapting to internet specific environment. Once the site?s content created, information modeling follows in order to provide an easy, intuitive, and efficient navigation.

Hosting on server. For sites created by Weisspunkt, we offer hosting on performance servers. Technical details concerning this aspect may be discussed in detail at the right moment.

Data monitoring and analysis. Measurement of efficiency in web design sector is given by the number of visitors. Hereby this process you may find out what information the visitors are looking for when accessing the site, which country are they from, what time and day do they access it.

Continuous improvement based on the feed-back obtained. Once the site published, it will suffer continuous transformation in order to offer new, fresh and relevant information for the visitors? searches. This improvement has as purpose increase of visitors? satisfaction and obviously increase on their number.

All technical aspects regarding the site?s promoting by traditional methods like: payment per click, payment per display, newsletters, evolved methods of optimization for search engines (SEO), recording in major search engines, selection of key words represent things you benefit from throughout our collaboration.
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