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1. Weisspunkt offers free access to this site, in order to make its production and work capacities efforts, made in the interest of all clients, for which we work, known. We "welcome" all visitors of this site, but we wish for the rules to be followed to be known. The only purpose permitted for this site?s use is obtaining information regarding Weisspunkt products and services. Any use in any other purpose than this one is not permitted.

2. Copyright for all information existing on this site is held by SC Weisspunkt SRL or its clients. Not any material on this site may be partially, integrally reproduced or modified without prior approval from Weisspunkt. Copyright Weisspunkt 2005. All rights reserved.

3. All trade names, trademarks, logos and trade styles are Weisspunkt or its clients? or suppliers? property. Their adequate use may only be carried out in the context of products and services of the brands? owner, any other use not being permitted without a prior written approval.

4. Weisspunkt may gather and keep information regarding persons who visit this site and who voluntarily provide this information. Weisspunkt may also, gather and keep information regarding the contact person. This information may, at any time, be used in order to contact you about our products and services. You have the right to ask us to clear the information concerning you and to wave to the right to contact you. You may do this by contacting us at address

5. It is our policy not to accept or take any other ideas or non requested materials. Do not ever send any kind of such material. In case you breach this regulation, we reserve the right to consider these materials non-confidential and without any personal or property protection. Such materials and rights will be our property, free of any claims issued by a person or group of persons; we will have the right to use these materials for any purpose, including advertising, promotion, without being bond to pay compensations or any other kind of obligations to anyone.

6. It is not Weisspunkt?s responsibility the security of this site or your communication line to it. It is strictly forbidden to link this site to other sites or vice versa, without our prior written approval. We might accept certain connections, but Weisspunkt is not responsible for nonaffiliated sites to which this one might be connected. It is also not our responsibility materials posted on this site by other persons than the persons authorized by Weisspunkt.

7. It is strictly forbidden to use or contact this site for the purpose of destroying or altering it, its content or security or for discrediting or harass Weisspunkt or its clients, products, services and their employees. If not requested, no mail can be sent to this site or through this site.

8. In case you consider that any material on this site, posted by Weisspunkt or by someone else, violates copyrights or any other rights, please contact us for details at, so we will be able to take an awareness decision.

9. This site is offered in this form without other guaranties. We are not responsible for this site?s fidelity, unconformities, unavailability or this site?s or its content?s other defaults. Not in any case Weisspunkt will be responsible for the users? damages, calculation systems or others, even though Weisspunkt informed upon the possibility of such damages occurrence.

10. The use of this site is made under the authority of these rules and under the following terms and conditions that you, as user, accept by contacting and using it; these rules govern all uses and consequences hereby determined.

11. Weisspunkt reserves the right to review and update these rules at any time, effectively from the date of the new rules? and amendments? posting on this site.

12. For any other problems concerning the site?s operation you may contact us at address
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