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The name of totem in advertising industry represents a similitude with the enigmatical statues discovered by Europeans in 1772 in Easter Island. Counting approximately 1.000, they were named by the insulars moai and reached a height of 4-10 meters, weighting 20-90 tones. The heads of the statues were over dimensioned compared to the rest of the body and had oblong ears and narrow chins. Some statues were wearing on the heads ?hats? made of red stone.

Constructive style being adopted, today totem appears in outdoor signaling where support space ais almost inexistent or very limited, or when locations to be signaled are placed at considerable distance from the peasant or road traffic areas: gas stations, hotels, office buildings etc.

Seen also indoor, totem or FINN, as also called ? also helps as communication support by the constructive solution chosen and may frame into easy-change display category. Applications: company registered offices, banks or hallways of building hosting expositional spaces, etc.

Built on metallic structure, aluminum, steel, profiles etc., may be customized depending on the graphics chosen by the client, their geometry varying from parallelepiped to triangular or ellipsoidal prisms, with heights between 1,90m and 4m or even 15m.

Finishing materials are also very varied, according to the totem?s portliness, starting from di-bond (composite material with metallic aspect, cut or curve deformed), metal (stainless steel, aluminum, cuprum), and finishing with forex or plexiglas colat or routed with the inscriptions requested by the clients.

Totems? structures are independent and generally have concrete foundations, and illumination is made by complex electrical systems.

They are considered independent constructions that need construction authorization.

Taking into consideration this advertising production category?s very customized character, totem prices, regardless the category they are framed, may only be provided to you after a concrete analysis of your design.

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