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Rolling, softening and encapsulation are procedures by which an image is protected from mechanical factors? action (humidity, dust, scratches, etc.) or from UV component of sun rays (enhanced resistance in time to decolorizing).

Protection is provided by hot or cold application of a transparent film. Depending on the type of film and method of application, we may refer to softening (hot) or rolling (cold), and when protection is provided on both sides, we may refer to encapsulation.

Softening is made by application of a multilayer film at variable temperatures depending on the support layer?s characteristics. Layers in the film?s structure serve from the inside to outside to: image protection, adhesiveness to the protection layer, mechanical and UV protection.

From the economical point of view, softening involves lower costs especially on high runs, mainly due to the foil?s low cost (row material).

Rolling is the procedure by which an self-adhesive film is applied on the support layer. Application is cold made. Due to the automated procedure by which is made, protection is obtained without affecting the image?s original properties (color, glossiness, contrast, etc.). As to an advantage of this procedure we may refer to the protection of thermal-sensitive under-layers.
By rolling, softening, or encapsulation a calk support may be transformed into a gloss one and vice versa.

Foil of 70 - 80 microns
PVC or polypropylene material, calk or gloss UV protection, for outdoor applications with short term exposure. It may be folded and rolled, with enhanced flexibility.

Foil of 140 microns
Calk polypropylene recommended for indoor applications, resistant to mechanical factors, detergents, solvents, no UV protection

Floor ? graphics
PVC material, calk satin, recommended for UV, mechanical factors protection outdoor applications.

Double adhesive assembling foil
Double adhesive polypropylene Film for assembling, permanent adhesive
Soft monomeric PVC, permanent/ reversible adhesive
Rigid transparent PVC, protection for soft surfaces.

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