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The most practiced applications, for outdoor prints, framed within ''easy change'' category are:
- meshes (large size print made on PVC perforated material);
- frontlit and backlit for outdoor paneling;
- posters for outdoor paneling (made on blueback);
- unipolars panel print;
- simple and double sided banner (made on PVC material);
- flags (made on polyester-based material).

Outdoor prints? quality is situated at the highest levels from the resolution?s (1200x720 dpi) and printing technology point of view. Due to the existence of a large range of materials, printable width of 3,2m, detaches from indoor prints by its ''cost-efficiency'' characteristic.

The inks used for outdoor-printing pigment- (UV) and solvent- based, with an outside resistance of up to three years.

indoor prints are made on specific materials, the application range covering everything defining POSM signaling:
- posters (made on Glossy or Semigloss 150g-170g paper)
- self-adhesive for stand, shelf decoration, and floor graphics applications for promotional in-store campaigns (made on hot or cold rolled self-adhesive)
- indoor banners and backlit and backprint type applications
- prints for displays (click-frame, roll-up, etc.)

Indoor-printing is made by water-based inks, which gives the image a higher level of accuracy, and due to rolling, time resistance.

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