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Most often used thermoformed plastic displays are:

- Display for brochures, catalogues, leaflets and flyers often used in bank registered offices, medical offices, hotel hallways, supermarkets helping visitors to obtain information regarding offered products.

Displays used for brochures exhibition are made of plastic material, with or without sustaining stay, with simple or double display side or rotating system. They are placed within traffic or awaiting areas, materials exhibited having total visibility and availability in all range requested by clients.

- POSM Display used within sale points, from kiosks to Cash & Cary and Hypermarket networks, sustain sales & marketing campaigns carried out in retail and cash & cary, using efficiently the space existing within the store.

Into the same type of stores we also find shelf liners, shelf talks and wobblers, also displays used for drawing the attention and transmitting information regarding the price, promotion or shelf availability.

Considerable dimensioned displays are used in large stores; they are placed in maximum visibility places in order to determine especially the choice of products exhibited. They are fully inscription, some of them having illuminated headers for attractiveness and impact.

These displays are manufactured of materials like: stiplex, veralite, carton microndul or b-print.

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