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Certainly the most important element in OUTDOOR signaling is often seen in different shapes and sizes, having varied decorations. From the constructive point of view this type of signaling may be made of diverse profiles, both plastic and metallic, and the connections are varied, depending on the application (acrylic, PVC, polyplan plates ?).

this outdoor signaling category may be classified, depending on the size and type, in:
- Lighting signs - simple side: the main side is parallel to the support wall and is made of translucent inscription material;
- Lighting signs - double side: have two illuminated sides perpendicular on the support wall and are placed into the console on the facades or on pillars;
- 'XXL'signs very large size, also including into this category Roof-Tops;
- Electronic display lighting signs - this category includes all types of displays designed for communications with variable message (exchange offices, travel agencies...);
- Prolight ? indoor lighting signs, displayed especially in shop windows , made of one aluminum profile and one transparent plexiglas side. Inscription is made by sinking, and illumination is made in cant by placing a fluorescent tube of diverse colors inside the aluminum profile.

From the constructive characteristics? point of view, there are three production variants:
a) polyplan sides metallic structure;
b) aluminum profile stiplex sides frame(it is recommended that their size to by of max. 3m x 2m taking into consideration the stiplex plate?s dimensions, connections not being recommended);
c) easy-change customization aluminum frame (click frame), elements framing into display category.

Within the category of accessories used in lighting signs production, we mention:
- photoelectrical cell - for turning on the cassette as the dark comes;
- path turn on device - is used on large size lighting signs in order to avoid the risk of overstraining the primary network;
- animation electronic systems - create an attractive effect and draw at the same time the attention upon the effects created.

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