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The two major categories of displays are:
1. Aluminum structure displays: click-frame, people stopper, banner up, roll-up;
2. Thermoformed plastic displays.

Click-frame (aluminum frames), is especially appropriate for poster framing. The size of profiles may be of 21, 25 or 32 mm. it offers the possibility of frequent changing of prints without demounting the frame - easy change system. By their help a number of advertising displays, stands, people-stoppers, etc may be executed.

Aluminum frames and PVC faces people-stopper, in constructive 'A-board' forms, fixed or resort, people stoppers are often used in outdoor signaling in front of hotels and restaurants, exchange offices, etc., signaling either the respective location or promotions in progress in these locations.

Banner Up used in exhibitions, events, conferences and sales professional campaigns, meeting-room, awaiting areas inside companies, is a perfect "companion" for field work. Banner graphics is well designed to protect into a solid pressed carton tube and is simple to mount on telescopic stay for exhibition.

Panel Up used especially for creating partition ?walls? within exhibitions, or when the printed message has considerable dimensions. It is formed by several banner ups.

Banner Up Twin often used in intense traffic hallways, in exhibition spaces and awaiting areas within companies, has the advantage of exhibiting the print on both sides.

Roll Up and Roll Up Twin used in exhibitions, events, conferences and sales professional campaigns. It is a very good "companion" for field work. Advantage compared to the banner up is in the easiness of mounting and demounting, due to resort-based retractable system placed inside the roll up?s body. Exhibition of different banners repeatedly on the same system is possible. It is available both in one display side and double display side variants, in sizes: 80 cm x 200 cm, 85 cm x 200 cm and 100 cm x 200 cm.

Flagpole display used in outdoor signaling, has an imposing aspect (3 - 5 m) being made of aluminum hooker and sustaining system. It is available in two constructive variants of 3 and 5m.

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