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Outdoor product, ca -branding grew in the past years due to the extension of car fleets of Romanian companies. Their branding proved to be the cheapest and convenient form of promoting products or services offered on the market.

Evolving from cutter-plotter technique (cut self-adhesive) to polychrome prints, and based on 'one image values as 1000 words' principle, quality of messages transmitted throughout this media support, as well as the execution?s durability visibly increased.

We may differentiate two interest areas put forth by the clients, regarding car branding:
- all branding of vehicles with images of products offered;
- contact information, sign and information necessary to familiarization of the final client with the product/service offered 'cutter' - corporate branding.

Materials mostly used, offering protection against UV rays and anti-graffiti properties, are:
- Oracal, series 651,
- 3M Scotch Cal 30
- Avery Avery 500
- Graphitac, series B (BUDGET)

All these materials may be rolled in order to bring a further resistance in time.

Recent practice shows that 'window graphics' grew in car branding, being often used in outdoor campaigns holding as an example public transportation means. It is mostly used in case of all branding.

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