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"Any creative act is somebody?s act, and the moment of creation is of an outright intimacy. Only some know; the others will learn."
Constantin Noica

.... to pick ideas from the air, thoughts, representations, and, when needed, to be able to shape them into advertising concepts represents the effort we put in your service. Through concept we manage to answer the questions: what do you have to say?, who do you have to say it to?, when do you have to say? And how much do you have to say.

The answer to these questions materializes in: definition of target public, advertising message, consultancy in establishing budgets, technical design, building authorization design (PAC) and their application in practice.

WEISSPUNKT campaigns are different from the beginning. We are not referring to the execution?s or the text?s quality. At first, we are thinking at the customer?s perception. Intelligence and humor may be very powerful elements in assimilation of an advertising message.
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