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"Weisspunkt is the working environment I have always wanted. A working environment where knowledge and expertise gained in time perfectly mould on Weisspunkt ?spirit?. A place where you don?t feel the time passing by, a place where you are always surrounded by friend-workmates. A place where good mood perfectly interlaces with the professionalism of those constituting the Weisspunkt team. Creativity, boldness, dynamism, innovation, the care for details, consequence define Weisspunkt in everything they do. Weisspunkt tries and accomplishes to change the models. A serious company, an attractive name for the manpower in Romania. That?s what Weisspunkt means to me. Now I have the certitude that my choice was more than fit. I?m waiting you to join us."

Razvan Marinescu
Art Director

"I?ve chosen to work in this industry, which is developing more and more each day. I have been working at Weisspunkt for almost one year and what I like very much is the perspective of a de successful career: what more could you wish for than to accomplish yourself professionally within an environment always encouraging you? But what I like most is the working atmosphere and the fact that I have open workmates, very good professionals and creative who, above all, never give up humor spirit, not even in difficult situations; because, we have to admit, there are, also, this kind of situations."

Corneliu Stoian
Art Director
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